The WCI Team welcomes the return of the Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Grant Scheme 2020. WCI are proud of our high standards and our large range of wheelchair accessible taxis ensuring the Irish taxi market continues to prosper.

In a lot of ways, taxis are the ideal form of transport for those in wheelchairs as they operate door-to-door. The Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Grant Scheme aims to offer wheelchair users an increased transport accessibility. This helps those with disabilities to achieve greater freedom in their everyday lives.


When it comes to purchasing a wheelchair accessible taxi in Ireland we recommend you talk to our Sales Team before buying a car. There are a lot of things to consider before you are on the road working.

We provide a wide range of taxis suitable for wheelchair accessibility ranging from brand new to used models. All of which are suitable for the Irish wheelchair taxi market.

wheelchair taxi grant 2020


When you buy a wheelchair taxi with us our Support Team and Sales Team will help with:

  • Paperwork & Application Forms
  • Insurance Quotations
  • Taxi Suitability Certification
  • Application & Fitting of Taxi Meters & Stickers
  • Choosing the correct vehicle for you or your organisation
wheelchair accessible taxis that work for you and your market
Rehabilitation Walking in Park. Family Fool Around Together.

Wheelchair Cars Ireland – Helping you find the taxi that works for you

Our aim is to provide our clients with a wheelchair accessible taxi that meets your client’s mobility needs ensuring motoring freedom. 

We guarantee competitive pricing, comprehensive service and extensive information to families and taxi drivers with various budgets.

We strive to find innovative motoring ways to help people with physical disabilities achieve their comfortable level of motoring freedom.

We play an active role in the disability community. This role allows us to learn from our clients and understand the important features needed.

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