You automatically qualify for a parking card if you hold a Primary Medical Certificate but you still have to apply.

How to apply

To request a parking card application form from the Disabled Drivers Association, you can email

 apply online on the website of the Irish Wheelchair Association



Replacing a lost parking card

Applications to have lost/misplaced cards replaced should be made directly to either the Disabled Drivers Association or the Irish Wheeelchair Association (whichever organisation issued the card).

Renewing a parking card

The parking card must be renewed every 2 years. You will be sent a renewal form several weeks before your parking card is due to expire. Therefore, if you change address you should tell the organisation that issued the card. 

If you have had any corrective surgery or treatment that may have altered the level of your mobility, you should report it in the mobility section of the renewal form.

Further information

Information on how to apply, replace or renew a parking card is available on the websites of the Disabled Drivers Association and the Irish Wheelchair Association.

Information on using the parking card abroad is available in the FIA Guide for the disabled traveller

Where to apply

Disabled Drivers Association

Parking Card Section

IrelandTel: (094) 936 4054Fax: (094) 936 4336Homepage:

Irish Wheelchair Association

National Mobility Centre

Ballinagappa Road
IrelandTel: +353 (0)45 893094/5Fax: +353 (0)45 861144Homepage: