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Driver and Passenger Advice and Information

When it comes to buying a specialised vehicle, it is important to get the right advice and information.

There is a lot to consider such as finance, car model, age, transmission – automatic or manual, features suitable for physically transferring in and out of the vehicle, vehicle controls and other adaptions to suit your accessibility needs.

Our team of accessibility experts are happy to help you explore all your options and advise you on finding the best vehicle for you. 


Manual or Automatic Transmission

Drivers will be advised individually as to the best transmission for their ability.


  • Vehicle doors can open wide enough
  • Vehicle doors are easy to reach in order to open and close
  • Door frames height allow ease of access
  • Door sills are not too high or too wide


  • Wheelchair and person’s height considered to allow easy access with no fuss
  • Seat controls are easy to use for seat adjustments as required
  • Seat shape and depth to cushion for a comfortable drive

Consider the following steering wheel features:

  • Lighter steering is more suitable for drivers with disabilities
  • Steering wheel grip is comfortable
  • Control features such as lights, indicators, wipers and horn are easily accessible
  • Hand Brake
    Ensure the handbrake is accessible
  • Seat Belts
    Seat belts can be secured and easily to release.

All our vehicles come with top quality 4-point wheelchair restraint system and 3-point occupant seat belt fitted as standard.

Panoramic Mirrors

Panoramic mirrors give the driver a wider and greater view in their rear-view mirror. This feature helps drivers eliminate potential blind spots and removing the worrying of not seeing potential hazards.

Wheelchair Restraints

The wheelchair restraint system ensure comfort and safety peace of mind for wheelchair passengers. It is a 4-point, heavy-duty, fully automatic retractable tie-down designed, engineered and meets WC18 requirements, and is compatible with WC19 wheelchairs. No manual tensioning required. Retractors automatically take up ‘slack’ to ensure wheelchair passenger is always secured.

Special adaptions for driver / passengers

Wheelchair conversions and adaptions are designed on an individual basis. No two users are alike, and we recommend chatting to us first before buying a vehicle. 

We will help you match the vehicle to your needs and guide you every step of the way for stress free motoring.