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When it comes to your vehicle’s adaptions or conversions, we recommend a one-to-one assessment. A one-to-one meeting ensures the best solution for your individual needs. We feel it is important you are comfortable and feel assured your vehicle adaptions or conversion improve your driving freedom and offer your desired independence.

Professional Advice

The first and most important step to finding the right wheelchair access & mobility solution is professional advice. This step ensures there will be no expected costs or disappointments later on. Here at WCI Cork our team are fully trained and certified in assessing your mobility needs. Their extensive knowledge of disabled vehicles, adaptions and conversions will have you driving the best solution for your needs. 

Our team always aim to design the conversion to suit your needs and create more freedom for you and your family. We understand every family, individual or couple are different and so are their needs. One size does not fit all. 

Matching Design to Individual Needs

Below are some of the Considerations Before Choosing the right Conversions & Adaptions to create your ideal motor solution:

  • Will the wheelchair user drive the vehicle themselves or are they a passenger?
  • Does the wheelchair user wish to drive from their chair, be a passenger and remain in their chair or transfer to the car seat?
  • Where will the vehicle be parked mostly?
  • How would you like to exit the vehicle?
  • What safety equipment is required for the wheelchair and occupant?
  • What is the entry height of the wheelchair into the vehicle?
  • What is the internal headroom inside the vehicle?
  • What size is the wheelchair and will it fit?
  • How many seats do I need inside the wheelchair access vehicle?
  • Is the visibility satisfactory from the wheelchair position?
  • What will be the best position of the wheelchair and occupant inside the vehicle?
  • What level of comfort is there for the wheelchair person?
  • What are the most suitable adaptions, if any?
  • Where will the wheelchair be stored when not in use?
  • What is the best type of exiting solution for you?

These are only some of the considerations to ensure you purchase the correct vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Adaptions

  • Driver adaptions
  • Passenger Adaptions
  • Lowered Floor and Mini Bus Conversions
  • Bespoke and Custom modifications
  • Nationwide Service

Our experts 10 years experience and training are here to ensure you feel assured and comfortable.